Pet Music™ Music for Pets®

What a weekend! From the Tony Awards to the Weiner Awards, what’s not the love about contempo topics? So to keep it exotic, the next installment of this blog for the ages is not one, but TWO double-album reviews.

Yes, that’s 4 compact discs and over 4 hours of music. Sit back as Pet Music™ Music for Pets®  presents two installments of “Music for Pet Stress and Separation Anxiety:” Just Chillin’ and Creature Comforts.

Just Chillin’ eases in with the track “Serenity.” Not only is it serene, but it really brings it home that the next 4+ hours of music are the kinds of song that dreams, hair removal  appointments and 80s action dramas are made of. Synth drum journeys, Native American warrior flutes and proggy arpeggios will bring your pet to the max of chill.  Actually forget the cats,  pop this CD in for your next dream catcher making party or shaman consultation and set your spirit free.

The only artist credit on these says “Thank you for your support, Dan and Andy – Creators and Pet Lovers.”I’ll say!

So far I’ve only made it through the first CD of Just Chillin’. I’m too de-stressed and unanxious to even begin to describe this music. Some tracks that look like they’re going to be fantastic: Refreshing Paws, Cozy Companion, Wet Kisses, Hearts Aglow, Snuggles, and Forever Together.  I better put these CDs in a safe place or I’m going to come home to my cats lounging over a bottle of wine and massaging each other in the candlelight.

Just Chillin’: Music for Pet Stress and Separation Anxiety

Creature Comforts: Music for Pet Stress and Separation Anxiety

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