Some Walk By Night

One day out of the week has to be Monday, that’s for dang sure. And it’s usually on Mondays that you’re feeling the burn of unrealized dreams. Maybe you’re kicking yourself for not opening a detective agency.  Maybe you’re dreaming of a classier bygone era where a war of the wits was only matched by the richness of designer shoulder pads and skinny ties.

No matter where your heart song is, I think the opening theme of “Moonlighting” really captures a quest for sophistication that Mondays sorely lack.

When Monday throws you the old “Wrong Way – Do Not Enter – Severe Tire Damage” sign the way the Moonlighting intro does – just slip into the cool pastel world of Al Jarreau.  You can find this NOT so hidden gem on Al Jarreau’s album “Best of Al Jarreau.” Here’s the full title theme and video:

Full Moonlighting Song and Video

Aside: He also has a song called Golden Girl??

I wish I had a comfortable car to drive home in, so after I listen to the traffic report, I could roll down the windows a little, and pop this into the CD player and enjoy the great sound coming out of my speakers. Maybe I had a hard day at the office and my pantyhose are giving me trouble, so I bring the CD into the house, and play it out of my home system while I go change into a jogging suit. Better open a window, it’s nice out this evening. I think I’ll sit on the couch and enjoy the rest of this song before I have to make dinner.

Music Monday Bonus! Bruce Willis performing in the Seagrams Golden Wine Cooler commercial.This one’s for Fridays.

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