Step Into…

The “Step Into…” series highlights people, places and things that make the world my kind of place.

Footwear is a real BUGABOO in the world of ladies and the things they need to make it in this world. For me, every time the need for a new shoe comes around, I find myself rolling the dice of life and wishing on a rainbow that I can find something comfortable AND stylish. Hilarious!

In the great style recycling vortex that is our contemporary time, someone somwhere along the line decided to breathe life back onto the Bass line of shoes just in time for summer. I took a chance on love and never looked back, and came unto the inspiration for the “Step Into…” series: Step into some SUNJUNS!I remember moms wearing these sandals in the 80s, and sure enough their style fits perfectly into the 2011 summer canon of breezy but sensible sandals. They require no breaking-in or band-aid period. The soft suedey instep (or whatever your foot touches that isn’t strap) is like walking on a cushion of air, and my left Sunjun proves this with a satisfying, whispery hiss as I walk.

I even have a song about Sunjuns that I sing on a daily basis: Step into your sunjuns, sunjuns, sunjuns. Step into your sunjuns – I don’t think so!

See, stepping into your Sunjuns is a state of mind. It’s about deciding to wear something comfortable that’s great for relaxing or walking around. Maybe you’re going to fix yourself a snack, or go for a walk to a friend’s house. Maybe you’re going to the office and you’re like,”I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, I’m gonna step into my Sunjuns.” Or, “You know what kind of day it is? I’m gonna step into some Sunjuns.” So even if you don’t own Sunjuns, you can step into a world where comfort, and looking like a relaxed 80s mom – are kings.

Sun Jun - also a former world #1 singles badminton player from China

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