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You Won’t Believe These Emmy Highlights


I’m finally caught up on the Emmys highlights from GIFs and Twitter. My favorite midtown dumpster for discarded screeners has a lock on it now so that well has run dry. You know what I always say, restricted access is the great equalizer.

I started watching “Pretty Big Liars” and it’s a real ice cream sandwich of a show: decadent, cool in the middle, with some brown wafers on either side. Let me know if you’ve taken a bite or if it’s in the back of your freezer collecting frost.

Speaking of which, Are you ready for the winter?! Which Game of Thrones character are you? If I had to guess, I’d say I’m a cross between Jack Snow and Khaleesa B, because how can you beat those names! I would love to see these guys get out of the small screen and onto the dance floor with something I could really move to.

It’s hard to keep up with everyone who is starring in Peak TV. Speaking of which,
I haven’t gotten to Twin Peaks but once I’ve had TWO PEEKS I’ll sit down with some coffee and dang pie and write out some ideas on that. If I’ve ever told you about some of the nightmares I have it sounds a lot like that show so maybe I can saunter by the Season Two writers’ room and drop off some notes – and well wishes, and maybe some fresh pencils. Love that smell.

Now let’s talk about these Emmy winners! My favorite win is for “Hotlanta.” Donnie Glover is the son of silver screen’s Danny – wait a second. Donnie and Danny? Two cool dudes on ANY block if you ask me!

In conclusion, the In Memorium segment was way too long and if you ask me (go ahead and ask!) they should run an In Aliveness segment. Let’s get Mrs. Garrett, Carol Channing, Marsha Warfield, Marla Gibbs, Crystal Gayle, and MORE to the top of that list. Let’s stop dying and start living Hollywood!

Oooh Ladies First, Ladies First

So I was watching the cinematic triumph “Bringing Down the House” the other day. Before I continue, I’d just like to say that every blog entry in the history of time should start this way.

Anyhoo, I love Queen Latifah. She’s classy, a talented comedienne, singer, etc. and a good role model. What’s not to love? She’s had an enduring career spanning all the performing arts and her persona exudes easy going positivity.

Hats off to you Dana Owens. Oh what’s that? Sure I would love to come over to your mansion n New Jersey and have some iced tea by the pool.

Note to self: add her books to summer reading list.

Anyway, this homage has a burning question yearning below the surface. Everybody knows her hit Ladies First, the catchy feminist rap anthem that has stood the test of time. Everybody especially knows the catchy chorus.

WHY OH WHY then on current available recordings is the best chorus in the world replaced with a horn sample? I can’t find anything about why the Ladies First chorus would disappear – rights issues, what have you. I can’t find out what the horn sample is from either.  Who took the sweet melody out of Ladies First?

Here’s the original.  How sweet it is.